Want to become a member of FACTORY 3? Just a few questions first so we can get to know each other. 

How clean do you like your work space to be? *
FACTORY 3 will initially accept up to 40 "founding members" for our opening date. Being a brand-new makerspace, it is inevitable that challenges will come up during the first couple months. We will keep working through them and finding solutions until everything is running smoothly. Do you wish to join on day one as a “founding member” or would you prefer to wait a couple months until all the bugs have been worked out? *
Are you interested in private studio space or storage space?
Month-to-month membership will cost $180/month. If you commit to a 1-year contract, the rate will be reduced to $150/month. Which option would you prefer? *
We don’t want the cost of membership to prohibit anyone from becoming a member. Would you like to have a conversation about seeking financial aid for your membership?
Are you able to make an additional monthly contribution to help Factory 3 grow? *

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